is a coding contest based on algorithms and data structures, and aims to encourage participants to apply their knowledge towards problem solving.                                  

First Rank-Kartik Bhat & Pratik Chaudhari

Prize-Gold Medal & Cash Prize Rs.3000, Certificate of Excellence

Second Rank-Advait Naik & Pratik Chaudhari

Prize-Silver Medal & Cash Prize Rs.2000, Certificate of Excellence

Third Rank-Ankesh Phapale & Prahalad Parihar

Prize-Bronze Medal &Cash Prize Rs.1000

Fourth Rank-Mohd Arbaaz & Khushboo Motwani

 Certificate of Excellence

Fifth Rank-Sahil Darandale & Ajay Pandit

Certificate of Excellence

Sixth Rank-Tanmay Chaudhari & Ashutosh Madhav

Certificate of Excellence