About Library

KCCEMSR Library is situated on 4th Floor. It is managed by professionally qualified staff. It provides essential information resources in print as well as digital / Electronic formats as per need of its academic community. It offers open access to Library collection for better utilization of available information resources. It offers required library services for better utilization of available information resources.

General Rules

  • Four Books will be issued for 10 days

  • Books will be issued only after the library card is handed over to the person at the library counter

  • The library card will be given back to the student on his or her returning the book/s to the library

  • Do not mark or remove any page of the book. If anybody makes the mistakes or lost the book/s than he/she will be responsible for the replacement of the same book or should pay the amount of the book

  • Fine will be charged for late return i.e., Rs. 2 per day

  • Books can be renewed for a further period of 10 days but not more than two consecutive renewals are permitted

  • Keep your baggage at property counter while entering the Books Section

  • Library card should be return while leaving the college

  • If Library card is lost, a fresh card will be issued on payment of Rs. 25

  • Student should maintain silence in the Library

  • Mobile Phones i.e., pads or any type of electronic gadget are not allowed (except Laptop)

  • Magazines and Journals are only for reference

  • Reference books are allowed only for reading in library against college Identity Card

  • Keep the newspaper and periodicals at the respective places

  • Eatables are strictly prohibited

  • While leaving your seat, arrange your chair properly